About sports gambling

Sports gambling advertising has exploded in Australia. Between taking our kids to the footy, listening to the radio on the drive to school, watching weekend sport and scrolling through social media, sports gambling is becoming impossible to avoid.

Sports gambling is more than just annoying; it's harming our kids. Like tobacco advertising, sports gambling is dangerous, addictive and it's changing the way our children understand and play sport.

The gambling industry are using sport to peddle harmful and addictive products to our kids. They’re grooming our children to become the next generation of gamblers.

On average, one student in every Australian high school classroom is gambling heavily and illegally. One in five adults gambling dangerously started gambling before they were 18.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Australia’s sports gambling advertising laws must be strengthened to protect our kids.

We're calling on all Australian political parties to ban sports gambling advertising. Let’s teach our kids to love the game, not the odds. Tell all sides of politics to stop gambling with our future!